6/23/16:  Please note that we were just informed that several roads on our routes have very recently been repaved with gravel.  This makes for difficult riding for cyclists!  We have therefore attached below the new routes.  The 50 mile route does stay on a recently paved road for a very short time. These are slight deviations, and the roads will also be clearly marked with signs and road chalk.

30 mile route:  30 mile new route

50 mile route:  50 mile new route

70 mile route:  70 mile new route
When registering, please choose from one of the below three courses.  Our rides are designed to match the ability of a variety of cyclists, whether a leisurely just-for-fun rider or an all-out experienced enthusiast.

First, Read Our Riding Rules and General Information: 

  • All riders MUST wear a helmet.
  • All riders must be 18 years of age.
  • All riders must sign a waiver at registration or bring a completed RIDER_WAIVER_2016 with you.
  • While there are rest stops with refreshments along each route, riders are encouraged to bring their own drinks.
  • All riders must return to the winery by 3:00 p.m.
  • You should have your own tire changing and basic bike repair kits with you.
  • We will provide an emergency phone number in case you require assistance.
  • The ride happens rain or shine.
  • We will have maps and cue sheets available even though the routes will be well-marked; you are encouraged to print out your route and bring it with you as well.
  • Please follow the rules of the road for cyclists, including using hand signals, riding single file to allow cars to pass, etc. Remember, you represent all riders when you are on the road. Safety first! Courtesy not far behind!
  • It is mandatory that you have fun and ride at your own pace, whether all out or leisurely!


The following courses will be clearly marked along the routes with chalk on the roads and signs along the roadway; directions will be available at registration.

Please note: this is the Finger Lakes, formed by glaciers a long time ago, so while the 32 mile route is relatively flat with small hills, there are larger hills on the 49 and 67 miles routes (some people noticed a pretty steep hill coming up out of Long Point on Cayuga Lake).  Please click on the name of each route for a map:
1. Beating Heart Countryside Ride – 32-ish Mile  30 mile new route.  This course is primarily on scenic back roads, with some small easy hills. A rest stop is at the halfway point at Barn Warrior Crossfit. Ride at your own pace and enjoy the scenery!

2 Heart Pumping Hill Ride – 49 Mile Course: Challenge yourself and get your heart pumping on this 50-mile scenic course which includes more than a few hills! For the more experienced rider or the rider who never shies away from a challenge; rest stops at Barn Warrior Crossfit and at Long Point State Park.  NOTE:  This ride has a steep hill right after Long Point State Park.

3. Ride to Your Heart’s Content Endurance Ride – 67 Mile Course: For those who like to go the distance, there is no place more beautiful than the Finger Lakes. This is approximately a 67 mile, not for the “faint of heart” ride, taking you from Owasco Lake to Cayuga Lake and all points in between. Smile, your heart will thank you!  Reststops at Fleming Fire Department, Frontenanc State Park in Union Springs, and Long Point State Park in Aurora.  NOTE:  This ride has a very steep hill 55 or so miles into the ride.  Participants are expected to be able to return by 3:00 p.m. from this ride.

Parking: Parking is available on the winery grounds and along the road on Center Road. Overflow parking will be available approximately 1 mile from the winery at the vineyard; you may either ride your bike to the winery or take a shuttle. Please DO NOT park on Lake Road — it has heavy (and crazy fast) traffic and no shoulders.

For More Information: Email questions to:

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