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The Ride For Heart Health raises awareness for heart health while also raising funds for the Cayuga Heart Institute from participant’s registration fees (no fundraising by riders, although donations to the CHI can be made). You will receive an email confirmation with further details when you register. Please email us with any questions at:


The ride takes begins at Treleaven Winery – King Ferry, 653 Lake Road, King Ferry, NY (see directions here). You may reach them at

3 thoughts on “Contact Us

    • Hi Norman, There is not an elevation chart. However, there is a pretty good route description and map and I am sure there are programs out there that will provide that information to you if you plug in the route. The 32 mile ride is pretty easy; there are many people who are not long distance or frequent riders who do that route and find it very manageable and enjoyable. There is no time limit and there are two rest stops along this route. There is one small, steep hill and several long subtle uphills and mostly flats. Hope this helps. Ellen

  1. Thanks for the reply. I have not been on my recumbent trike much and 65-year old muscles are not in greatest shape. I drove the route in my car last week to preview it and it didn’t look bad, except for the “small steep hill”. My legs have a hard time with fighting gravity and “long subtle uphills” can be tough on my thighs…can’t get off the seat for extra stand-up power like a normal bike. I’m still mulling it over. I may drive it again.

    Seems like the allotted six hours (a time limit!) should be doable, but I would be really unhappy if I missed lunch!

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